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Advertising is a form of promotion that companies use to persuade people to buy their goods. The choice of the media to be used depends by:        

  • The message the advertiser wants to put across        
  • The type of customers that producers want to reach        
  • The costs involved  

The most popular advertising media are:   download (2)     

  • Television: is, probably, the most powerful form of advertising, as it allows the advertiser to address millions of potential customers at the same time. It is usually extremely expensive         
  • Radio: advertising on commercial radio can reach a national or a regional audience. This form of advertising is cheaper more cheaper but it doesn’t reach many people        
  • Press: give more information. they are in a permanent form as they can be cut out and kept. also, by advertising in specialist publications, business can target specialist markets. these adverts don’t have the same impact as broadcast media        
  • Internet: is fairly inexpensive and has no geographical or time limits. Sounds, motion and special effects can be used to attract the attention of the people      
  • Posters, billboards and electric signs: are used to attract the attention of the general public without targeting specific sections of the populations. 

The most difficult task for advertiser is to make sure that consumers remember the message of his adverts. Advertising messages are usually classed into 3 types:   7     

  • Persuasive: is to create in the potential customer the desire to buy a product      
  • Informative: is designed to give information in the public interest      
  • Competitive: encourages the public to buy a certain brand of product rather than one from the competition

There are many ways in which advertisers make their adverts memorable and persuasive:      

  • Visual images are very important to address the product’s target user, following the profile drawn up from market research Many adverts also appeal to consumers’ emotions and ambitions, using idealistic lifestyle images        
  • Slogans intriguing witty or catchy phrases associated with a product are easily remembered and therefore highly effective